Commanders Please Read this Notice

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Commanders of any State Commadery are required to attend Investiture Services and give a report on their Commandery’s activities unless there is a plausible excuse. When you take a Commandery you take an oath of office and also take the responsibility of that office along with the requirements and duties. 1 year in between services is more than time enough to prepare yourself for the next Investiture Service. Your goals should be to grow your Commandery and achieve your set humanitarian goals . Excuses only satisfy those who make them. Leaders prepare, fulfill and achieve. I applaud Commander Charmaine Bassett of Ohio – 3 new members and 1 new officer with the possibility of 3 more members. Her applications are in and fees paid. Jason Rios Michigan – also has copied me on all his activity and he will achieve at least 4 new members to his Commandery. Liane Buck PA – 3 new members – Elizer Ben Joseph Texas- 3 Knights and 1 new Dame – Christopher Buck 1 new member for California – James Mooney – 1 new officer for California Tracy Elise- AZ working on 3 new members. I am looking forward to hearing from the rest of you. Thank you for your assistance.

Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem

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