Grand Priory of the United States of America: Donation to the Safe Passage Organisation

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Trish Steele, CEO, Safe Passage

Trish Steele, CEO, Safe Passage

The Safe Passage Organisation is a unique non-profit organization focused on saving the lives of women and their children by breaking the vicious cycle of domestic violence. They are a safe haven for life providing hope, opportunity, and empowerment to victims while giving them stability, self-confidence and the life tools to develop a deep personal love for themselves and, in turn, the courage to give back to others.

This organisation is led by Consoeur Trish Steele, who was a founding member of the Grand Priory of the US earlier this year. Trish has achieved many goals in her life, including working as a make-up artist for television, model, and winner of the Ms. California Gold Coast Pageant in 1987. Trish hosted her own cable talk show for 5 years interviewing women about their stories of victory over abuse. She has also written her life story compiled in a book entitled, “The Compelling Life Changing Stories of 12 Women.”

Trish has spent 12 years reaching out to all women, encouraging and directing them to fulfill their destinies. Before the hit show “Extreme Makeover,” Trish began performing her own extreme makeovers, through Safe Passage, on survivors of domestic abuse. Safe Passage provides shelter from abusers, job placement, makeovers and a new place to live. The mission of this operation is to provide survivors with a new life, with the hopes of building confidence and leaders that can give back to the community.

The vision of Safe Passage, a division of Women Crowned In Glory began eleven years ago from the giving spirit of Trish Steele. A woman of integrity and compassion, Mrs. Steele allied her friends and supporters together to create a Non-Profit 501(C)3 Corporation to shelter, educate, equip and direct women and their children to safety and survival of domestic violence.

Since 2000, more than 1000 women and their children have come to Safe Passage looking for shelter and support. Emergency shelter had been provided through the home of Mr. & Mrs. Jim Steele for five years. During 2001-2003 the Safe Passage Home oversaw the first transitional home in Sherman Oaks. Now Safe Passage has a unique program that transforms lives and breaks the cycle of domestic violence to a new life of success. The City Controller of Los Angeles, Wendy Greuel and Mayor Antonio Villiaragosa awarded Safe Passage with a “Certificate of Appreciation” for outstanding citizenship and activities enhancing community betterment. The women and children of the families that have gone through the program have made great personal strides and re-established themselves into their own residence, new jobs, and new life within 6 months of services. Today they are giving back and sharing their success stories to inspire others who are in need.

The Board of Directors, they have been working diligently to establish a “Wellness Center” in the Los Angeles area. Their biggest need is to secure an 2000 sq. ft. building for a Wellness Center servicing 60 to 100 abused women a year, equipping them with a new look, job, and new residence of their own.

The Grand Priory of the United States has thus donated the amount of USD 300 to go for this just and noble cause. In a recent newsletter issued by the Safe Passage Foundation and featured here, extensive front page reference is given to the recent consecration and solemn investiture held in the US which founded the Grand Priory.

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