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Many of you have asked about The Companionate of Merit Award we give at our Investiture Services. Please read the following so you will be informed:

The Order of Saint Lazarus, true to its Hospitaller ideals as projected by its constitution submitted to the United Nations – in which the Order is duly registered as a chivalric organisation – also ensures that people from all walks of life from all the five continents of the world who have proven, by means of their deeds and chivalric or Hospitaller initiatives, that they are, practically and voluntarily, aiding and assisting the vulnerable within society, are duly recognised.

To this end, the Grand Council of the Order instituted the prestigious Companionate of Merit of the Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem; a special accolade given to the right persons and personalities for their unique actions and projects throughout the world in the fields of Hospitaller, philanthropic, charitable, medical, cultural and
social activities.

This accolade includes distinguished personalities from various jurisdictions, whose initiatives are minutely screened and assessed by specialists in their respective field commissioned by the Grand Council of the Order. The accolades are normally presented in ritual form during the annual investitures of the Order or in special
ceremonies commemorating such an occasion.

The Companionate of Merit of the Order is by invitation only and includes male and female distinguished personalities without and discrimination as to age, colour, sex or creed.

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