Announcements: European Disability Card

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European Disability Card marks step towards barrier-free Europe (July 2015)

The Order joins the European Development Forum in reminding EU Institutions that during this bickering people in Greece suffer (July 2015)

The Saint Lazarus Foundation joins the European Development Forum and Urges EU MEMBER STATES TO NOT ADOPT A MEANINGLESS WEB ACCESSIBILITY DIRECTIVE (June 2015)

Lazarite Facebook Presence Reaches Record High (Dec 2014)

Grand Chancellor Appointed on the Western Region Steering Committee of the LEAP EU Funded Project (Dec 2014)

Humanity Healing International Joins the United Grand Priory (Jan 2014)

Union – Corps San Lazare International achieves Special Consultative Status within UN (Jan 2014)

Supreme Grand Priory Suspends former Sicilian Grand Prior, Authorizes new Grand Prior Elect (Jan 2014)

In Memoriam – The Most Reverend Monsignor Anton Gauci, Past Grand Chaplain of the Supreme Grand Priory and Grand Prior Emeritus (Nov 2013)

Dame Trish Steel receives Award (Nov 2013)

The Commandery of Gozo resigns from Military Order and joins the United Grand Priories (Sep 2013)

Union CSLI – The Union’s Lazarus Cross – a new milestone in saying “Thank You” (September 2013)

In Memoriam – Colonel retd. Reinhard Wassertheurer, Vice-President of the Union CSLI (August 2013)

Saint Lazarus Cooperative Society resigns from Military Order and joins the United Grand Priories (Aug 2013)

The Grand Priory of Pakistan formally Constituted (July 2013)

Kreuzenstein Castle – The Titular Castle of the Lazarus Union – Austria (June 2013)

More Lazarite Jurisdictions get EU and UN Official Recognition (May 2013)

Historian Honored by Order after Research into Lazarite history related to Saint Lazarus Island (May 2013)

2012 Bullet Points of Major Highlights of the Order (Jan 2013)

Confrere Raul Ruiz – Our US Lazarite elected US Congressman California (Nov 2012)

Consecration of the Grand Priory of Peru in 2013 (Nov 2012)

Sacred Medical Knights of Hope of the United Grand Priories granted official recognition from the Nevis Island
Government to issue licenses (Sep 2012)

Aerial Lazarus Air Corps (Sep 2012)

All Grand Priories under the United Grand Priories are registered in their own jurisdictions (July 2012)

Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope joins the United Grand Priories (April 2012)

Union Corps San Lazare International joins the United Grand Priories (April 2012)

Allied Chivalric Organisations promote success of First International Lazarite Symposium (Apr 2012)

The World’s Oldest Order of Westsiders’ Knights joins with the Order of Saint Lazarus (Dec 2011)

Saint Lazarus Day Message from the Supreme Grand Prior (Dec 2011)

Harmonious and mutually beneficial working relationship with the Imperial Order of Constantine the Great (July 2011)

Winning Tickets of the Malta National Lazarite Lottery (May 2011)

Election of the Grand Officers of the Supreme Grand Priory (April 2011)

Order of Saint Lazarus endorses and assists The World Miracle Network (April 2011)

Launching of new publication on the History of the Order in the US (February 2011)

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