World_Miracle_Network_Bishop_Thomas_MountThe Grand Priory of the United States of America has deemed it fit to further assist the Hospitaller and Ministerial work being undertaken by the Grand Prior of the United States, the Most Reverend Bishop Thomas Mount ECLJ, in his capacity as leader of the World Miracle Network. This philanthropic and ministerial organisation works extensively throughout Africa and Asia in order to ease the suffering of third world countries by means of hands-on Hospitaller work.

During the month of August 2011, the Grand Priory of the US assisted, free of charge, the World Miracle Network to rebrand their web page so as to ensure it is more user friendly. Their web page may be viewed on

Additionally, a brand new Dell laptop and a financial donation of $100.00 were also given by the Grand Priory to Bishop Thomas Mount in order to assist in his daily needs related to supervision of his operation.


World_Miracle_Network_water_projectIn the coming weeks, especially by means of the Consecration of the Grand Priory of Congo, further assistance will be given by the Order world wide to specific projects in Africa which are administered by the World Miracle Network.